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DB Schenker acquires Bitergo

With the takeover of the software provider Bitergo, DB Schenker intends to focus even more strongly on cloud-based software.

DB Schenker has acquired the logistics software company Bitergo. According to DB Schenker, the takeover on 31 December is intended to focus on cloud-based software for small and medium-sized companies. With standardised modules for all aspects of the supply chain, the company can "serve individual customer requirements and at the same time respond to the increasing complexity in logistics". According to the company, DB Schenker and Bitergo have already been working closely together for three years. 

 „For us, Bitergo is an ideal partner that we are happy to integrate into our vision of managing the supply chain digitally and end-to-end in the future. The European market for software-as-a-service providers in logistics is highly fragmented and does not meet the requirements of all players. Furthermore, competitors have very different backgrounds, core competencies, and value propositions. This cooperation creates great synergies: DB Schenker brings the global network and long-standing competence in logistics and technology and Bitergo brings experience, expertise, and a great vision." (Christa Koenen, CIO/CDO Schenker AG)

"DB Schenker is our preferred partner. As a global player, the logistic service provider offers us an ideal new home to continue Bitergo's positive development in recent years. For our employees, in particular, the takeover is the best outcome for the company. We can now strengthen our portfolio together and work on Bitergo's continued growth." (Andreas Trautmann, Managing Director Bitergo). 

Click here for the original article by DB Schenker from 01.06.2022

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