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Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star) - Information

Information App (Web & mobile)

Have you ever experienced the frustrating uncertainty of unclear stock levels? The costly time spent in the warehouse just to locate an item. We understand your challenges and have the perfect solution for you! 

With the Information App, you always have the article stocks and booking data of your warehouse at your fingertips - whether in the office, in the warehouse, or on the go! 

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Your Benefits

Save Time:

Find the location of each item with just one click, saving your team in the warehouse from lengthy searches.

Stay always up to Date:

With our booking journal, you'll always know the movements of goods in your warehouse, providing you with a solid foundation for your business decisions.

Avoid Overstock and Understock:

Prevent space constraints or excessive unused storage space in time. With the clear display of storage locations and units, you can estimate and counteract your storage capacity at any time.

Seamless Integration:

Utilize the benefits of the integrated Bitergo Warehouse Management Solution (Warehouse Star) and access other apps such as Incoming Goods, Outgoing Goods, Storage, or Corrections.

Functions and Features of the Information App

information mobile app

Stock Information

  • Keep track of every item in your warehouse. Instantly know the quantity of available stocks.
  • Display optionally in pieces or packaging units.
  • Divided into quantity, available, reserved, and blocked stock.

information mobile app

Storage Space Level

  • Don't count the gaps in the shelves to determine how many storage spaces and storage units are still available. In the Information App, you see it immediately!
  • Display all storage locations and types.
  • Display all storage units per storage location.
  • Detailed information on all storage units, including storage space, item description, and creation date of the entry.

information mobile app

Booking Journal

  • See all bookings instantly in the Information App and always have the stock changes in view.
  • Documentation of all stock changes on item level.
  • Search via filters like creation date, quantity, counting stock type, and more.

Our Information App - your key resource for efficient Warehouse Management and clear insights into your stocks. Save time now, stay up-to-date and avoid over- and understocking! Integrated with the Bitergo Warehouse Management System for seamless Warehouse Management.
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