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Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star) - Inventory Counting

Inventory Counting App
(Web & Mobile)

Transparency, security, and a precise planning foundation: With the Inventory Counting App, the tedious inventory process will no longer be a hassle. (The Inventory Counting Web App is required for using the mobile Inventory Counting App.) 

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Your Benefits

Streamlined Processes:

With the Inventory Counting Web App, you can create inventory orders and effortlessly conduct the inventory count using the mobile Inventory Counting App. This turns the inventory process into child's play.

Effective Planning:

No more stress as the balance sheet date approaches. With the Inventory Counting Web App, you establish a valid foundation for future inventories in advance.

Reduced Error Sources:

Avoid errors arising from manually transcribing count lists. The mobile Inventory Counting App ensures counts are directly transferred into the system.

Fewer Inventory Discrepancies:

Utilize the benefits of the integrated Bitergo Warehouse Management Solution (Warehouse Star) and access other apps such as Incoming Goods, Outgoing Goods, Storage, or Corrections.


Functions and Features of the Inventory Counting App


The following Types of Inventory are supported by the Inventory Counting App:

  • Location-based Inventory (standard) with the option to limit counting areas (e.g., for a specific warehouse section).
  • ocation-based Inventory with Empty Location Counting, allowing simultaneous verification of empty locations. This enables setting the date of the last count.
  • Item-based Inventory, where the stock for a single item is checked per count list. However, in this case, the date of the last count is set on the item master data.


Initiating Inventory Counts

  • The system automatically assigns unique inventory numbers. To facilitate identification, you can also add a description or a note.
  • Select a counting method (Location-based Inventory with/without Empty Location Counting; Item-based Inventory).
  • If multiple clients are managed in the system, you can manually select them when creating the inventory order.
  • Determine what should be counted: Create count lists and set any necessary locks.


Conducting Inventory Counts

Effortless recording via handheld device and the mobile Inventory Counting App:

  • Upon launching the mobile app, you'll see all authorized inventory counts.
  • The locations and the handling unit containing the items to be counted (along with the item number) will be displayed.
  • For Location-based Inventory with empty locations, the user must specify if a location reported as empty in the system is indeed devoid of goods.
  • For Item-based counting, if available in the system, an image of the respective item will be displayed.

In addition to or in place of the mobile Inventory Counting App, a traditional inventory using pen and paper is also possible: Print clear count lists and transfer the results into the system after counting.


Confirming Inventory Results and Completing the Inventory

Upon completion of each inventory, you will receive a clear overview of:

  • Start and end dates of the inventory
  • All counts
  • Quantity discrepancies per item as an overview


Inventory Report

  • Overview of inventory data (e.g., count lists, dates, locations, status, quantities, discrepancies)
  • Excel export option available.

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