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Real-time visibility - connect2track


Ensure shipment monitoring and condition control with confidence: With "connect2track", you have full transparency over all movements in your Supply Chain.

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connect2track is a real-time visibility service developed by our partner DB Schenker, a leading logistics service provider, that guarantees reliability and worldwide performance. Up until now connect2track was mainly available for DB Schenker customers. 

You can combine Bitergo Real-time Visibility with any of your logistics operators of choice. This superior "agnostic" tracking service is completely independent from DB Schenker shipments and your data is kept secure and private. 

In January 2024 Bitergo and DB Schenker launched a cooperation with the aim to provide and distribute connect2track as an individual service for every customer in need of a real-time visibility service for their cargo. It has been used successfully by clients from various industries worldwide for valuable or sensitive cargo.

The connect2track service is technically hosted by DB Schenker and commercially managed by Bitergo.

Your Benefits

Seamless Visibility

24/7 availability of tracking data along the supply chain. Combination of different data sources such as onboard units, IoT devices or vehicle position in a seamless overview.

Live-Tracking of Deliveries

Keep an eye on the exact locations of your consignments in real time and receive an estimated time of arrival at the destination. Benefit from automatic, location-based notifications.

Transparent State of Deliveries

Use condition monitoring for sensitive and valuable goods. The current transport conditions such as temperature, humidity and mechanical stress can be called up at any time.

Enhanced Security

Meet the highest standards with live tracking and monitoring of container doors using light sensors, including automated alarm notifications. Transport damage-prone, valuable and particularly theft-prone goods safely to their destination.

Optimal technical Equipment

Receive tracking devices from us that exactly match your requirements. We take care of the provision and integration of the appropriate devices.


Functions and Features

Location Tracking

See at any time where your delivery is located.

Allround-Tracking Device

The V-Type Tracking Device is a flexible, multifunctional tracking device. It manages a variety of sensor data such as location, temperature, humidity, light, shocks and door openings - ideally suited for a wide range of transport applications including pharmaceuticals (3-point calibration). It is easy to install and recyclable.

Condition Monitoring

Keep an eye on the condition of the goods. Settings and sensors can be customised. Monitoring is carried out using telemetric data such as temperature, humidity and vibrations.

Alerts via E-mail

Receive notifications as soon as the status of the delivery changes or a location specified by you has been reached (geofencing).

ETA Calculations

The estimated time of arrival of the delivery is continuously recalculated.Monitoring the Container DoorsYou will receive a notification as soon as a container door is opened.



The functions of connect2track are available to all Bitergo customers without restriction. The connect2track service is provided by our partner DB Schenker, a leading logistics service provider that guarantees reliability and worldwide performance. The connect2track services are invoiced via Bitergo.


What transport modes can be monitored?

DB SCHENKER connect2track is a ready-to-use solution that provides freight monitoring for air freight and ocean freight (availability and prices will vary). Our experts are here to support you in finding the solution right for you and your shipment.

Where is the data coming from?

To provide customers with enhanced online visibility, DB SCHENKER connect2track aggregates data from multiple sources. Our product portfolio of smart tracking and logging devices captures telemetry data for your dashboards. This gets completed with information from carriers using our well-established network of intake providers.

What devices do you offer?

We offer a broad device portfolio with tracking and logging devices. The devices are equipped with various sensors to monitor your transport conditions. We are happy to find a suitable device for your shipment/use case.

Learn more about how you can successfully keep an eye on your deliveries with connect2track:




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