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Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star) - Incoming Goods

Incoming Goods App
(Web & mobile)

Take control of the rush hour at the reception of your goods: With the Incoming Goods App, you won't keep drivers and suppliers waiting unnecessarily, ensuring a smooth flow at the loading docks. 

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Your Benefits

Increased Efficiency through Time Savings:

Thanks to the mobile Incoming Goods App, your employees are flexible and can quickly record incoming goods in the system.

Error Avoidance

Handle peak loads at goods reception with confidence. With the Incoming Goods App, your employees are well-prepared for busy times and can process incoming deliveries on multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

Instant Access to all Notifications

Your employees can process announced deliveries even faster.

Seamless Integration

Utilize the benefits of the integrated Bitergo Warehouse Management Solution (Warehouse Star) and access other apps such as Stock Transfer, Inventory Counting, and Correction effortlessly.

Incoming Goods Composition

Features and Functions of The Incoming Goods App

incoming goods mobile app

Smart Storage Location Suggestions based on your Storage Strategy:

  • Filter for available storage locations
  • Consider LHM restrictions
  • Pay attention to dimensions and weight
  • Sort by default locations, temperature, and hazard classes

incoming goods mobile app

Effortlessly Store complete Pallets:

  • Our mobile Incoming Goods App guides you step by step and helps avoid mistakes.
  • Storage is only complete once the placement at the storage location is confirmed.
  • Keep track of your storage units.

incoming goods mobile app

Store Goods without LHM with Ease:

Avoid unnecessary movement of goods in the warehouse by reporting the target storage location as "full" if bulky items or incorrect dimensions are present.

incoming goods mobile app

Store partial Quantities effortlessly:

Automatically generate a new storage order for the remaining quantity.

incoming goods mobile app

Change the Target Storage Location at any Time:

Simply scan the barcode at the storage location or manually enter the storage location ID to change the target storage location, even after creating a storage order.

incoming goods mobile app

Cancel Transports at any Time:

Cancellation is possible throughout the entire storage process. Incorrect cancellations can be easily undone.

Facilitate your employees' goods reception process and optimize your operations with the Incoming Goods App. Get it now! Experience the benefits firsthand! 
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