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Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star) - Corrections

Corrections App (mobile)

Real-time Corrections for smooth Logistics 

With the mobile Corrections App, you always have a clear view of current warehouse changes and receive real-time updates through your Warehouse Management System.

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Your Benefits

Immediate System Updates

A grab for the item, a new entry - the Corrections App enables direct adjustments in the system. Incorrect quantities? No problem, correct them immediately.

Transparent Corrections

Every adjustment requires a comment. This way, you always have an overview and know why a change was made.

Perfect Allocation of Articles

In complex warehouses, you keep track: the Corrections App assigns each item to the right client.

Seamless Integration

Utilize the benefits of the integrated Bitergo Warehouse Management Solution (Warehouse Star) and access other apps such as Incoming Goods, Outgoing Goods, Storage, or Information.

Functions and Features of the Corrections App


Customized Adjustments

In addition to standard settings, you have full control over:

  • Displaying clients
  • Standard correction types (e.g., Withdrawal, Addition, Correction)
  • Entering the remaining quantity
  • Specifying the correction reason
  • Standard correction reasons (e.g., Order, Relocation, Disposal, Inventory Correction)


Precise Position Corrections

Keep track:

  • Progress indicator for each conducted correction.
  • Lock status briefly: padlock symbol indicates whether there's a lock.
  • Overview of all locations for the same item.


Instant Quantity Updates

After each correction, the new remaining quantity is automatically determined and displayed.


Effortless Lock Solution

A click releases the lock. You decide if a reason needs to be provided.


Effortless Client and Storage Space Changes

Select the new client or loading aid from the list and execute the change.


Full Traceability

Specify: without a comment and reason, the storage space cannot be changed.

This app offers you the perfect solution for efficient warehouse management. Try our Corrections App now and experience how easy corrections can be! 
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