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Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star) - Outgoing Goods

Outgoing Goods App (Web)

No backlog in goods dispatch: Goods can leave the warehouse on time, as the required documentation is swiftly and flexibly handled with the Outgoing Goods App.

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Your Benefits

Reliably record Outgoing Goods:

Your warehouse staff process goods dispatch quickly with the Outgoing Goods App.

Generating Delivery Notes:

All necessary data is readily available in the system! For swiftly generating delivery notes with the Outgoing Goods App.

Documentation without Loss of Time:

Comprehensive documentation of all goods dispatches without delay in transport.

Smooth Redistribution of Goods:

Don't keep other locations waiting and ensure a seamless flow in the Distribution Structure (BOD).

Seamless Integration

Utilize the benefits of the integrated Bitergo Warehouse Management Solution (Warehouse Star) and access other apps such as Shipping and Packaging.

Outgoing Goods Composition

Functions and Features of the Outgoing Goods App

outgoing goods mobile app

Booking Outgoing Goods

  • Select one or more Commi-containers.
  • Book the goods dispatch, specifying the shipping location.

outgoing goods mobile app

Canceling Outgoing Goods

  • Select the target location or shipping place.
  • Select and reverse the storage unit.

outgoing goods mobile app

Generating Delivery Notes

  • Select dispatch orders.
  • Choose the corresponding dispatch order.
  • Generate and download the delivery note as a PDF.

With the Outgoing Goods Web App, you're always one step ahead. No holdup in goods dispatch, just smooth processes that make your logistics more efficient. Experience the future of goods handlingnow.
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