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Our Products optimize your Materials and Time Management

From Material Flow Computers to Production Control

Customized Software for your Intralogistics

Are you looking for a standard IT solution for your company in the field of intralogistics, or do you need software for a very specific problem?

Get in touch! We develop standard solutions and programme special customised software.

As a professional provider, we have the necessary business, organisational and technical expertise to find an appropriate solution for you. Our existing standard solutions are based on the product family.

Our Product Family

Warehouse Management & Distribution

This module takes care of the coordination of all material movements – from incoming goods to outgoing goods.

Material Flow Computer

This controls the shipments in the automated material handling areas of large systems with a high degree of reliability, and ensures continuous optimisation of all shipments.

Production Control & Logistics

This module organises the internal material flow in such a way that the chronological sequence of the work processes is adhered to without disruption through the supply of materials and resources.

Large display

Large displays are used in production and logistics areas. They serve to provide the workers on site with quick information over large distances. Large displays have no control elements, but are controlled by external events from the server.