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Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star) - Repacking

Repacking App (mobile)

Maximize your warehouse space with our mobile App Repacking.

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Your Benefits

Flexibility in Repacking

Your warehouse operator can instantly consolidate pallets and input the changes directly into your Warehouse Management System. The number of items per pallet is always up to date.

No Clutter on the Pallets:

Diverse assortments on delivered pallets? Not an issue! With the mobile Repacking App, your warehouse operator can quickly organize and update the data in the system.

Seamless Integration

Utilize the benefits of the integrated Bitergo Warehouse Management Solution (Warehouse Star) and access other apps such as Incoming Goods and Storage.


Functions and Features of the Repacking App


Split Storage Units

For repacking goods between two pallets:

  • Input the IDs or scan the barcodes of the source and target storage units.
  • Alternatively, open the storage units via the location. Input the IDs or scan the barcodes, then select the storage unit.
  • If necessary, create a new storage unit for the repacking target. Input a desired label and select the pallet type.
  • Choose the items to be repacked. You can review the current items on the source and target pallets.
  • Input the quantity of the items to be repacked.


Merge Storage Units

For complete repacking of goods onto pallets:

  • Input the IDs or scan the barcodes of the source and target storage units. Alternatively, select the storage unit via the location.
  • Accidentally switched source and target? Easily amend it.
  • Before booking the repacking, you can review a list of items already on the respective pallets.




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