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Digitalization of outgoing invoices at STIHL

Fast, efficient, user-friendly... STIHL Vertriebszentrale AG & Co. KG has been realising the integrated processing of outgoing invoices to its specialist dealers together with audit-proof archiving via Bitergo's EDI solution since 2007.

"STIHL's Dieburg sales centre has carried out several ERP system changes since 2007, from WWS/400 to SAP R/3 to SAP S/4 Hana. Bitergo has actively supported the tests and implemented every system changeover without any problems."

Jürgen Brandl
STIHL Vertriebszentrale AG & Co. KG



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  • STIHL Vertriebszentrale AG & Co. KG has a large number of outgoing invoices and credit notes. With the introduction of e-invoicing, this process was to be standardised and made clearer and more efficient. 
  • The specialist retailers were to be provided with a modern, convenient solution for receiving invoices together with audit-proof archiving of invoice data. 
  • The aim of the project was the complete digitalization of outgoing invoices to STIHL specialist retailers in Germany.


  • The Bitergo EDI solution for invoice processing covers the entire process of electronic invoicing and processing: From conversion, creation and dispatch to the archiving of incoming and outgoing invoices. A particular speciality is the provision of this data in web portals with an SAP connection in order to seamlessly integrate retailers and suppliers.
  • To digitalize the outgoing invoices for STIHL in Dieburg, Bitergo has developed an invoice portal which is used for the electronic presentation of digital invoices to specialist retailers.
  • The invoice data is generated from the STIHL SAP system and sent to Bitergo in EDIFACT format. Bitergo converts the invoice files into the target format requested by the retailer and delivers them automatically via the desired route. STIHL can use the portal to control how  specialist retailers should receive their invoices.
  • STIHL specialist retailers have the following options for invoice delivery:
    • They can download their invoices from the invoice portal. This offers comprehensive search and filter options to display invoices, e.g. according to date, by name or by a specific time period.
    • They can receive their invoices by e-mail. The documents are sent automatically via Bitergo to a recipient address stored in the customer account.
    • They can receive their invoices via an X400 interface in an electronically readable structure.
    • For specialist retailers who do not yet agree to receive invoices electronically the invoice data is transmitted electronically to a lettershop, which takes care of the postal dispatch to these specialist retailers, which handles the postal dispatch to these retailers.
  • The audit-proof archiving of invoice data is also part of the solution. All invoice data is automatically archived on a daily basis.
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  • By operating the Bitergo EDI solutions in the "SaaS" operator model in its own data centre, the customer STIHL Vertriebszentrale AG & Co. KG did not have to invest in additional hardware or software. The use of the various EDI modules enables STIHL Vertriebszentrale to securely connect all specialist dealers via EDI - even if they are not EDI-capable themselves.
  • The automated processing of invoice data minimizes manual effort and error rates with faster and more efficient processing. In the meantime, 95% of STIHL specialist dealers participate in the electronic invoicing process. 
  • As a result, the STIHL Vertriebszentrale benefits from high cost and time savings when processing outgoing invoice processing and from a high level of relief with regard to the legal obligations regarding the documentation and archiving of invoice data.

Wichtigste genutzte Funktionen

  • "eTransform": Conversion from the SAP system of STIHL into the formats required by the specialist dealer (XML, CSV, PDF, ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, ...)
  • "WebEDI": EDI retailer portal for providing invoices with 1-year history and fast document search
  • "eArchive": Audit-proof archiving of invoices for a period of 10 years
  • "ePrint": Outsourcing of postal invoice dispatch to a lettershop
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