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SaaS WMS for Parts-by-Part Logistics of an Automotive Company

Full transparency gained on stock items along the supply chain.

"Bitergo WMS was implemented quickly because we were able to put the system into operation on-site and remotely. This was easy to do because all the processes required could be implemented by using the standard functionality of Bitergo WMS!"

Olaf Müller
Team Lead Solution Design

Grafik 1 Challenge


  • The processes need to follow detailed customer guidelines.
  • There was no IT support, the amount of paper was huge.
  • Missing transparency caused significant impediments in daily business.


  • Visibility on the managed stock was provided by implementing Bitergo WMS (Warehouse Star).
  • Transparency on operations was provided to DB Schenker’s customer as he can now use the SaaS WMS.
Grafik 2 Solution
Grafik 3 Benefits


  • The UI is very intuitive and the time to train the users was much lower than expected.
  • Bitergo WMS offers many standard processes, but also flexibility in the detail which helped to implement variations of the standard, e.g., with pick and pack.
  • Less effort in administration as invoices can be created in the WMS and workflows can be automated.
  • Less communication through cloud-based transparency on stock for DB Schenker and the customer.
  • No need for phone calls or to emailing Excel sheets anymore.
  • Almost no need for paper anymore.
Grafik 5 production and implementation time

Implementation time
4 Weeks

In production since
January 2024



DB Schenker is one of the world's leading logistics providers. The company operates land, air, and ocean transportation services, and it also offers comprehensive solutions for logistics and global supply chain management from a single source.