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e-Portal for handling electronic Business Processes

Are you already saving or still printing?

Our modules for electronic data interchange offer all the functions you need to implement both simple and complex EDI processes. Our customers can put together an individual application scenario – for example, for electronic order processes or electronic invoice processing

As requirements grow, these can be expanded upon with additional modules at any time.


Electronic Document Processing in the shortest Time

We offer an intuitive and user-friendly EDI web portal for customers and suppliers, allowing you to keep a transparent eye on your digital invoicing at all times. Our holistic EDI solution is based on seven modules that can be added individually according to your requirements or company. These cover the entire process of digital data exchange from e-ordering to e-invoicing and e-logistics.

Application Areas of our EDI Product Portfolio


Electronic Commissioning and Ordering Processes

EDI/WebEDI-based ordering processes between customers and suppliers not only consist of a large number of possible message types (orders, order confirmations, dispatch notifications, etc.), but are also characterised by the fact that the network of customer/supplier relationships is becoming increasingly complex and global.


This makes it necessary to have site-to-site and one-to-many connections to ERP systems, near real-time data transfers, central data clearing and the possibility of permanent data communication and conversion between all partners involved.


Electronic Invoice Processing

The Bitergo solution for invoice processing maps the entire process of electronic invoicing and processing: from
creation and dispatch, to signature and verification, to the legally compliant archiving of incoming and outgoing invoices.


This solution furthermore includes various options for presenting invoices: for example, the documents can be transferred to the recipient's ERP system and reviewed and posted from there. Or the electronic invoices are posted to the recipient's own web portal, together with the signatures and verification reports.


The outgoing invoice process can be completely shifted to Bitergo as early on as during the transition phase from postal to electronic invoicing, by printing and sending invoices (or some of them) via a lettershop.


Electronic Control of the Flow of Goods

The physical flow of goods and the logical flow of data are increasingly merging. AutoID developments – e.g. RFID – accelerate this process and at the same time ensure that exponentially increasing demands are placed on corresponding solutions and services that meet these needs.


The seamless connection between the real world of the flow of goods and the virtual world of the flow of data is also crucial here. Bitergo is ideally positioned in this area with solutions and products, but also with its strategic partners (including Fraunhofer IML, Dortmund, among others).